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Connecting to your core in pregnancy, through delivery, and postpartum

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This four-session workshop is for any pregnant person who wants to gain working knowledge of the pelvic floor and core muscles, lean how to engage and strengthen those muscles in every stage of pregnancy, master the mind/muscle/breath connection required to more easily push a baby into this world, and feel confident in what movements are both safe and necessary immediately following birth in order to recover core and pelvic floor function.

Studies show that people who exercise their pelvic floor and core muscles regularly throughout their pregnancy and immediately after, experience reduced occurrence of both pre and postnatal incontinence, have more efficient and comfortable deliveries, spend less time in the pushing phase of delivery, experience reduced risk of long term Diastasis Recti, and recover both pelvic floor and core function more quickly after delivery. This series is beneficial no matter where you are in your pregnancy, or what plan you have for delivery. The techniques we will lean are applicable and beneficial for people in any stage of pregnancy, as well as both vaginal and cesarean births.